High-End Corporate Design to last for ages to come. Logo, letter paper / Invoice, business cards, website and Presentations templates

For this design, we opted for a logo that shows concept and ideas. We went for a sketch style to comunicate exactly this. Behind every corporate design, there's a concept and an idea. The first step we as designers have to take before we arrive to the best result, is sketching our ideas to see them on paper and compare the with each other.

The ∞ (oo) leans to our other projects, n∞w and trib∞. And all of these together compose the n∞u project.

This corporate design consists of all the basic print elements and an exclusive font!

  • Exclusive font
  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Letter paper / Invoices
  • E-mail footer
  • Website
  • Presentations template

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