Complete Corporate Design with the traditional print objects, but additional to that, the guidance system inside the building, the outside walls and facade, the movie schedule for the building, monthly information flyer and employees' clothing

In this Corporate design we took a deep dive into the cinema world, and specifically our client's world. We found out even though the company name was "cine center" all the visitors new them only as cine, so we decided to do the design according to their customers. they went there because it was small and felt like home. So our entire design revolved around this feeling.

Home looking, warm colors and plant decoration to bring a natural green into the mix, all wrapped up with a natural wooden floor inside the building.

The logo is based on the dark cinema room with the projector's screen. With a winking smile emoji, that read vertically makes up the word "cine".

  • Logo
  • business cards
  • Letter paper / Fax paper
  • monthly magazine
  • Building remodelation
  • wall schedules
  • guidance system
  • workers t-shirt

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