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Showcase Extension

Manage your projects portfolio, create items with media, teaser and description and let the system automatically render them in different templates of your choosing

Web Design


When you want to show your work and what you have done for your clients, is always tedious to create extra pages and manage all the links. Thanks to this extension you can forget about this hard content work, just manage single entries in a folder, and this extension creates automatically the list and detail views for this entries. You can decide how these entries are to be displayed, if cards or list items, and how many columns, the crop settings for the teaser texts also in your control.

  • List and detail views of your projects
  • Detail can be chosen not to be generated, to be generated in a single page (better for SEO), or in a modal window
  • Choose between 1 to 6 columns
  • List items or cards
  • Entries with more than one media file will automatically render a carousel in the detail view

Take a look at the demo of this extension

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