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Page Teasers

TYPO3 Page Teaser extension. Easy and fast way to generate preview items of selected pages or all the sub-pages of a selected page. Choose from different templates, cards, list items or mouse over effects and responsive columns varying from 1 to 4. See demo

Web Design


Due to mobile internet, it has become necessary to address the issue that most mobile users don't like to use the navigation anymore, more through the scrolling and what's being presented in the website they navigate deeper into your website, for that is best to present subpages in ur site in an aesthetic way and without creating more work for you. With a simple plugin that shows subpages, you are able to do just that!

  • Choose a especific page you want to show
  • Choose to show all subpages of a page
  • decide between different layouts of columns according to how you want to present the previews
  • Decide between the templates of simple cards, interesting animation effects or list items for your previews
  • The teaser will be automatically built from the SEO and metadata of your page, you just have to choose a preview image

This extension is included in the TYPO3 Premium Package

Take a look at the demo of this extension

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